V&M Management won an appeal from the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Appellate Panel, For the First Circuit, remanding back to the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for an evidentiary hearing on two counts the negligence of the Trustee, Stephen Grey, and the determination of ownership of the property for purposes of determining responsibility for taxes.
For background information, click onto "Motion Change Venue" and "Order of Reassignment."
Because of her impending retirement, Judge Carol Kenner improperly picked and assigned the V&M Management bankruptcy case to her favored jurist, Judge Joel Rosenthal. The case should have been randomly assigned, and Judge Kenner should not have personally chosen Judge Rosenthal to finish her started job of destroying me (Mourad) and my V&M Management company/business.
On March 24, 2004, Judge Kenner denied my (Mourad's) motion for a change in venue, to a forum outside of Massachusetts, but then, ironically, Judge Kenner assigned the V&M Management case to her friend, Joel Rosenthal, sitting in Worcester, and kept the order barring me (Mourad) from entering the U.S. Bankruptcy Courtroom in effect. For background on Judge Rosenthal, click onto Audio of 6/04/04 Hearing (mp3), to see Rosenthal's discriminatory and biased attitude toward me (Mourad).
Overall, Judge Rosenthal clearly covered up for the Jewish takeover Trustee Stephen Grey, Harold Cohen of Beacon Residential, and denied me (Mourad) a fair trial.
Knowing that I (Mourad), was indigent, as declared by Judge Kenner, Judge Rosenthal denied my (Mourad's) request to waive the service and witness fees, and denied me any discovery. Judge Rosenthal deliberately denied me (Mourad) the fee waiver, knowing I (Mourad) could not afford to subpoena all my desired witnesses, and in effect, cut short, and cut off, my (Mourad's) constitutional rights to call and examine witnesses on my behalf.
Judge Rosenthal found that Trustee Grey was not negligent in securing an appraisal for $100,000 for a property that I (Mourad) provided a $5.5 million offer. The Mourad $5.5 million offer was offered as evidence, but Rosenthal did not address it.
Judge Rosenthal did not see a problem with Trustee Stephen Grey stepping into my (Mourad's) shoes, as the owner of the Mandela property, and in applying for a $12 million tax credit, and became a partner with Harold Cohen and moved the money into a shell corporation.
Stephen Grey made a $3 million profit, and now I (Mourad) am faced with my own personal liability for over $800,000 in taxes to the IRS over the tax credits and the sale of the property for which I (Mourad) received not one red cent.
Trustee Grey paid his own attorneys close to a million dollars in fees, and paid himself in excess of one million in fees, yet Grey offered only a $100,000 appraisal for the property. For property Grey had appraised at only $100,000, how can a person like Grey reap over $1 million in fees for himself and close to $1 million in fees for his attorneys?
It is no wonder that Stephen Grey and Chief Judge Carol Kenner both retired at an early age in 2004.
Judge Rosenthal also denied me (Mourad), an indigent, a waiver of the appeal fee that even Judge Kenner had allowed. And, after that denial, I (Mourad), after raising the $300 fee from my family, asked Judge Rosenthal if I could file the appeal late, with the fee paid, but Judge Rosenthal inexplicably denied that as well. Judge Rosenthal did not want his decision to be appealed.
Judge Rosenthal intentionally did not render his ruling in writing, but did so orally from the bench, requiring me (Mourad) to pay for a transcript of that orally dictated decision.
As an indigent, pro se party, I (Mourad) was a victim of biased Jewish judges who should not preside over Arab American cases, when the other sides are wealthy, politically connected corporations. What chance does an Arab American have in the courts against such odds? The answer is NONE. I hope that in the future there will be legislation that will not allow Jewish judges to sit on Arab American cases, considering the conflicts in the Middle East that taints judicial decision-making.


TO: Local and National Media

RE: 10 Year Fight of the Gentrification of the City of
Boston, Boston Redevelopment Authority(BRA),
The State of Massachusetts and the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

WHEN: Friday, November 19, 2004, 10:30 a.m. EST
Harold Donahue Federal Building
595 Main Street, Court Room 3
Judge Joel B. Rosenthal Presiding
Worcester, Mass.

Alternatively, all parties are also invited to telephonically attend and hear the ruling by dialing 1-800-682-5640 and say "Judge Rosenthal is the host."

My name is Alphonse Mourad and I am a long time Boston resident and the former owner of the Mandela Apartments, a 276 unit development that is funded through the Federal Section 8 Housing Program.

The development, located in lower Roxbury, Massachusetts was illegally taken
from me during a long contentious bankruptcy proceeding that began in 1996.
In 1966, I was stripped of my housing development, now valued at approximately $20 million. All of the parties involved in this contentious takeover are actively assisting in the gentrification of this large Boston minority community. My property, the Mandela Development, which sits on 6½ acres of land, serves as the gateway that joins lower Roxbury and the downtown Boston community.

This case has been one of the most high profile, contentious and politically influenced bankruptcy cases in the history of the Bankruptcy court in Massachusetts and possibly nationally, consisting of approximately 200 pages of docket sheets. There has been irreversible damage that has taken place as a result of the devious collaboration and cover-up between Federal Bankruptcy Judge, Carol Kenner, and U.S. Bankruptcy Trustee Stephen Gray.

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