Former Massachusetts Governor Paul Cellucci Honoring Mandela Youth for their Entrepreneurial Efforts in the Boston Business Community with Alphonse Mourad.

Governor Paul Cellucci

We celebrate a couple of things today. First of all, partnership between Mandela Coopertive Association & Beacon Residential Properties, to redevelop the Mandela Apartments. This means we'll have safe affordable housing for the Mandela residents. I do want to congratulate Glenn Hall & Residents, because they fought for what they believed in and they prevailed. I know it hasn't been an easy course, but where here today to celebrate what they have done and to celebrate the partnership that they have put together. And in the larger sense we celebrate this city and we celebrate the urban areas of our state. ---------- believes our cities have to be economic engineers for our community & regions which they consist.
As important as economic growth is, as a job for families and their standard of living and for their quality of life. Cities consist of neighborhoods and cities have to be livable, and to be livable we have to have housing and we have to have affordable housing. In a large extent we celebrate the great progress that has been made in the City of Boston and the leadership of Mayor Menino. Someone who is absolutely committed to the neighborhoods, we celebrate this working relationship between the neighborhoods, the City Gvt., the State Gvt., I am very happy to present------------Rushing. I also saw Gloria Fox, and I know Senator Diane Wogerson also worked very hard to make sure State Gvt., could be a full partner here. I do want to thank Jane Gumball, because I know other extraordinary effort to make sure we could arrive at this day. State Gvt., has allocated about $9 MILLION in tax credits, loans, and grants so we can rededicate , and so we can redevelop the Mandela Apartments, so we can celebrate this extraordinary partnership, we celebrate this great city, and we certainly celebrate the cooperation between the neighborhoods, the City Gvt., and the State Gvt. I can tell you as long as I am sitting up there at the Governors Office, we will continue to work with our cities, we will continue to work with our neighbors to make sure that we have a good quality of life for every citizen of our Commonwealth.

Thank You, Very Much.