'Queenie Jackson, Et. Al. v. Raymond Flynn, Et. Al.,Superior Court number 89-1821

This case was filed 3/2989 when Mayor Flynn and Police. Commissioner Roache refused to provide adequate police patrols and protection in the area around the Mandela Apartments and Grant Manor. The plaintiffs were residents of the apartments and V&M; Management. The area had been overrun by drug dealers, gangs and prostitutes, especially around the park which is directly across from Mandela and Grant Manor. The litigation reflected that vandalism from these outside criminals was costing V&M; Management $300,000 a year, and that at least since 1987 V&M; had been supplying information to the police about gang activities and had offered to make undercover apartments available.

In an attempt to resolve the case without further litigation, the police agreed to meet with residents at Mandela, and promised to increase foot and vehicle patrols. For a while, there were more police on duty, and crime dropped significantly. Later, the Superior Court judge ruled that private citizens had no right to sue the police to increase law enforcement and crime prevention. Immediately, the patrols stopped and the crime rate increased again.

Since that time, V&M; has continued to make undercover apartments available, and has put a guard shack and the facilities of the Mandela Town Hall at the disposal of the police to establish a sub-station, but the Police Department has not taken V&M; up on its offer in any consistent way, although they have used apartments in Mandela for undercover operations.

Estimated cost of the litigation: $150,000.