Free Palestine

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1. Obama and Kerry create a smokescreen to derail the peace talks in favor of Israel. 2. Donald Trump should repeal Obama $38 billion gift to Israel use the money to fund the wall. 3. Another Fake President Trump Promise to the Palestinians 4. Why does President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu favor a one state solution?

Alphonse Mourad Will Obama free these children and give them hope for the future? It does make you wonder though, why are we looking to the Americans to fix all of the problems when the Arab nations are filled with some of the brightest minds and a wealth of resources? Certainly, more can be done to help the children.

Heba Farouk Mahfouz: For God's sake, just tell me how.

I am not a peace activist, nor am I an angel. All I am is a 19 year old Arab,girl who has to watch all this with a helpless look and attitude. Here is some of the questions I have been asking myself lately.
How can a father endure telling a five year old the history of the past 63, or even more, year of their lives and country to help him understand what is going on around him?
How can you convince a 10 year old that the whole world is not against him, while he grew up to find bombs, tanks, weapons everywhere targeting him for no single reason but for his Arabic identity??
What can you tell him when he just can't go play outside??
How can you persuade a child to belong to a so called " Arab nation", telling him that we have the same goal, same enemy, same land, same religions, same language, habits, etc, while all he sees in this entity is nothing but betrayal, silence, alliance with the " enemy" ?
How can a child face human fear from tanks and go out to his way to school KNOWING for sure he will face a tank or two which will SURE try to aim at his helpless little body??
How could a mother feel when letting her children go to school everyday, worrying whether they will will come back or not?
How should they feel when they go to school, but only there is no school anymore??
How can they enjoy Feast when there is no feast??
How can they go to the parents' day only when there are no parents anymore?
How can you explain for a 9 year old the loss of his 9 year old " terrorist" friend??
For God's sake, as a father, what would you feel if you needed to have a child but you have to think about their ruined future??
How would this father deal with his 19 year old son, when he grows up to find NO LIFE: No country, no love, no future, no basic life needs..Not even to find someone who thinks he should have a life, a free life.
He grows up to find himself labeled and pre-judged as a " terrorist".
How can he find a definition of a sane world?
How about the parents' guilt when they decide to bring a child to such a world??? DO they regret?? DO they just do it??
How can they live with the fear?? Not of losing their lives, but of losing everyone around?
How can those people still find a place for love?? THEY MUST BE SUPERNATURAL.
What would you feel if all of a sudden your whole world is shaken and you lose 14 members of your family, just in a second, in no time??
You just step into an empty room expecting to see a lot of people?? Is it normal??
Are they used to this??
Is it some kind of supernatural power??
Are we responsible??
How can you call yourself a God believer and let this happen?
How can you get all those things to your children, hug them at night, play with them, while another parent is mourning his child?
What will our excuses be on judgement day for letting this happen??
How could we live with our guilts?
While you are reading this a city in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon is being bombed.
I don't know what is it that keep these people the way they are. All I know is that EVERYDAY I see a heavenly miracle in EACH AND EVERY BRAVE SOUL OF THEM.
Be thankful and please help them with even a prayer, boycotting, and spreading the truth.