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Alphonse Mourad

February 16, 2010

To: Office of Jury Commissioner
For the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
560 Harrison Avenue
Suite 600
Boston, MA 021108-2447

By Fax: 617-422-5869
By Email:
By First Class Mail

Re: Summons For Jury Service
Thursday, February 18, 2010
Concord District Court
305 Walden Street
Concord, MA 01742
Pin #332258


I, Alphonse Mourad, whose address is P.O. Box 882, Watertown, not MALDEN, as appears in the first and second summons directed to my attention, protest being summoned for jury duty in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and shall NOT appear on the summoned date of February 18, 2010, or any other date, to protest the corrupt Massachusetts court system and the corrupt judges that favor the politicians that appointed them and not the public the judges are appointed to serve.

I am 64 years old, indigent, homeless, in poor health, and owe over $800,000 in federal taxes for income I never received, and lost my 276 units of Section 8 housing in Boston, known as The Mandela Apartments, named after the South African leader, protestor and president, Nelson Mandela.
Born in Lebanon, in 1945, I came to Boston in 1958, at age 14, to pursue the American dream. I became a young entrepreneur in different ventures, and, in 1981, through my Subchapter S Corporation, V&M Management, Inc., purchased 6.5 acres of prime Boston land and 276 units housing 1,500 Black and Hispanic low-income tenants.
From 1981 through 1996, V&M Management, Inc. operated the Mandela Apartments and, in 1987, I was a major supporter of the Mandela incorporation, the purpose of which was to secede and become an independent city from Boston. For more information, go to domain name website, and then click on "Mandela Incorporation" button.
The plan I supported to secede became a threat to the Democratic Party and the Political Powers that be. To quash this threat, the Boston Redevelopment Authority, the City of Boston, the Massachusetts Department of Revenue and the federal Housing and Urban Development Department (H.U.D.) conspired together to remove me (Mourad) from ownership of the Mandela property, to take over control and dismantle the Mandela complex, and remove me (Mourad) from my position. The BRA plan and agenda was to open the way for the gentrification of the area and to annex the property to become the new City Hall Annex for Boston, and to satisfy the Hospitals' and University's agendas and to have the seat of city government moved to lower Roxbury, at the expense of the minorities of Boston, dismantling the last Black culture in the City of Boston.
The evidence that supports my (Mourad's) position that the system is corroded by corrupt judges can be found at
For background on why the politicians controlled the corrupt judges, click on the home page, "The Democratic Party," under, which will give all the lawsuits against me (Mourad) to take over my property and will identify all the corrupt judges in the state courts that aided the politicians in taking over my (Mourad's) property, after 15 years and in excess of $2 million dollars in legal fees I spent. For the corrupt Massachusetts state court judges and federal judges, in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, the U.S. Tax Court, and the U.S. First Circuit Court of Appeals involved in this political-judicial conspiracy that ruled against me (Mourad), go to and click on, identifying these corrupt judges.

On July 13, 1994, Attorney General Scott Harshbarger sought to place the Mandela Apartments into receivership to satisfy the City of Boston gentrification. His politically motivated actions supported by all the corrupt governmental agencies, the City of Boston, the Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA), the Department of Revenue and H.U.D., was rebuffed by Massachusetts State Superior Court Judge Catherine White, who refused to allow any receivership over the Mandela Apartments, protecting the interests of the tenants and residents in affordable housing, knowing that foreclosure would abolish the Chapter 121A agreement, and the property would be converted from affordable housing to private condominium housing, at the expense of 1,500 Black and Hispanic residents. For more information, go to home page and click onto the button, "The Democratic Party"; go also to sub-button "Governmental Receiver."
Also on this page, see all the Democratic party players who have taken a part in this scandal to oust me (Mourad) out of the property.

Judge Maria Lopez, in 1995, illegally, and without jurisdiction, lifted an injunction issued by Judge White against the foreclosure of the Mandela property and allowed fraud and perjury in her court. Judge Lopez had a history of misconduct and had to resign her judgeship for that reason. It is sad that a judge who resigned for corruption now has her own TV show making more money. That is the sad state of affairs, when you are worth more being corrupt than ethical. For more information on Judge Lopez's corrupt conduct, click onto three sub-buttons, "Complaint Judicial Conduct," "Motion to Dismiss," and "Winn Development."

Judge Charles Sperlock allowed a foreclosure on a fraudulent note, without reading same, and not accepting V&M Management's full payment of $13,511 on the note, offered by Boston Attorney Michael Altman of Rubin & Rudman. Sperlock acted on this case even though he had previously recused himself from cases involving V&M Management, because his (Sperlock's) wife worked as an investigator for the Attorney General's office, and because I (Mourad) was under investigation by the Attorney General's office. Judge Sperlock's recusal was confirmed in a February 2, 1994 letter by the Attorney General's Office that Judge Sperlock would not hear any motions in which the Attorney General's Office represented a party against V&M Management. For more information, click onto sub-buttons "Clerk James Kelly," "Sperlock Transcript," "Michael Altman, Esq.," and "Verified Complaint." Under the main page, see my August 7, 1998 letter to the Judicial Conduct Committee about Judge Sperlock.
Clearly, politics, and not money, was the issue, as V&M Management was prepared to pay the $50,000 note in full the $13,511 payoff figure, or even the full $50,000. Judge Sperlock did not care about the money or entertain a payoff offer, as his mission was to deliver Mandela to the government takeover.
Notwithstanding his clear conflict of interest, and prior recusal involving V&M Management, Judge Sperlock acted to my detriment and to the detriment of V&M Management in allowing the foreclosure to proceed, thus requiring V&M Management to file for bankruptcy protection to stop the foreclosure on January 8, 1996.
It is sad that an African American Judge (Judge Sperlock) allowed the foreclosure of the Mandela Development, protected under Chapter 121A, to remain affordable housing for its Black tenants, to proceed. By allowing the foreclosure, Judge Sperlock caused the Mandela tenants to lose their home ownership, rowing team and Mandela Town Hall that empowered the Black Mandela tenants.

Upon the motion of the BRA, City of Boston and Department of Revenue, Bankruptcy Judge Carol Kenner appointed a bankruptcy Trustee for V&M Management (Stephen Grey), thus removing me (Mourad) from my position as President pf V&M Management, Inc. These three governmental entities made it clear to Judge Kenner that they wanted me (Mourad) out, and would not do business with me because I (Mourad) took a stand in the City of Boston against double standards, racism and discrimination toward the minorities in Boston. In my (Mourad's) experience, and opinion, Boston was the most racist city in America. Judge Kenner was biased toward Middle Easterners, and later barred me (Mourad) for life from entering the U.S. Bankruptcy Courtroom and had me (Mourad) arrested for violating her order, which had already expired, because the V&M Management bankruptcy case was over. For a complete history, look at the Kenner sub-button "Kenner Impeachment" and "Mourad Arrest" under
The Judge Kenner-appointee Trustee, Stephen Grey, came up with a $100,000 appraisal for the 276 unit Mandela complex. I (Mourad) countered with a $5.5 million offer to protect the creditors and tenants and to take the property back. But Judge Kenner refused to acknowledge the offer, and allowed the government to complete its takeover of the property and ultimately approved the Trustee sale of the property to Beacon Residential Properties and Howard Cohen, CEO, who played a major political part in wrestling the V&M property from me (Mourad) to his (Cohen) ownership.
To see and witness Harold Cohen celebrating his takeover of Mandela in a video speech, click onto

On May 12, 1999, I was arrested for entering the U.S. Bankruptcy Court Clerk's Office, 11th Floor, Tip O'Neill Federal Building. On May 11, 1999, State Massachusetts Superior Court Judge Diane Kottmyer, at a May 11, 1999 hearing in the Suffolk Superior Court, on my malpractice case against Hanify & King and Trustee Stephen Grey, advised me to go to the U.S. Bankruptcy Court Clerk's Office to get the "removed" bankruptcy docket number, so she (Judge Kottmyer) could rule on my removal objection.
On May 12, 1999, I went to the U.S. Bankruptcy Courthouse, and spoke to the U.S. Marshall there, and asked him for the docket number so I could tell Judge Kottmyer the docket number. The docket number was kept by Judge Kenner and was not available from the public computer, as I had called the Bankruptcy Clerk earlier to ask for the docket number, but the U.S. Bankruptcy Clerk had no record of the docket number. Judge Kenner kept the docket number in her chambers, because I only had ten days to respond to or challenge the removal to the U.S. Bankruptcy Court from State Court. By keeping the docket number secret, Judge Kenner kept and prevented me from lodging my challenge to the removal of my State Court filed malpractice action to the U.S. Bankruptcy Court.
The U.S. Marshall asked Judge Kenner's Clerk for the docket number, so I could peacefully leave the U.S. Bankruptcy Courthouse so I could file my papers objecting to the removal with Judge Kottmyer in Suffolk Superior Court.
The Clerk said Judge Kenner was busy and could not see the U.S. Marshall. The U.S. Marshall then demanded from Judge Kenner's Clerk to see Judge Kenner.
Judge Kenner then relented and allowed the U.S. Marshall to see her (Kenner). When the U.S. Marshall returned to the room where I was waiting, the U.S. Marshall placed me under arrest, pursuant to Judge Kenner's orders.
When my criminal trial, for violating Judge Kenner's order not to enter the U.S. Bankruptcy Court 11th floor, came to trial, I subpoenaed Judge Kenner. But U.S. District Court Judge Lindsay, overseeing the criminal trial, quashed the subpoena directed to Judge Kenner. Without Judge Kenner's testimony, I was denied a critical witness, and a fair trial, as only Judge Kenner knew what the U.S. Marshall said to Judge Kenner privately about my intentions for being at the U.S. Bankruptcy Court on May 12, 1999. And that was solely to get the docket number of the removed malpractice case so I could satisfy Judge Kottmyer's inquiry and need to know the federal Bankruptcy Court docket number so she (Kottmyer) could rule upon my objections to the federal removal.
I went to the U.S. Bankruptcy Court to get the docket number. I communicated that sole request to the U.S. Marshall.
The next thing I know is that the U.S. Marshall is arresting me.
At my federal criminal trial, the U.S. Marshall falsely testified that I walked into the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, 11th floor, and announced that I wanted to be arrested. That testimony was false, as I made no such announcement.
Without Judge Kenner's testimony, to contradict what the U.S. Marshall said I said, I was convicted, and found guilty without the main witness, Judge Kenner.
For more information on my federal criminal case and appeal, click onto the home page,, sub-button "Mourad Arrest."

V&M Management won an appeal from the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Appellate Panel, For the First Circuit, remanding back to the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for an evidentiary hearing on two counts the negligence of the Trustee, Stephen Grey, and the determination of ownership of the property for purposes of determining responsibility for taxes.
For background information, click onto "Motion Change Venue" and "Order of Reassignment."
Because of her impending retirement, Judge Carol Kenner improperly picked and assigned the V&M Management bankruptcy case to her favored jurist, Judge Joel Rosenthal. The case should have been randomly assigned, and Judge Kenner should not have personally chosen Judge Rosenthal to finish her started job of destroying me (Mourad) and my V&M Management company/business.
On March 24, 2004, Judge Kenner denied my (Mourad's) motion for a change in venue, to a forum outside of Massachusetts, but then, ironically, Judge Kenner assigned the V&M Management case to her friend, Joel Rosenthal, sitting in Worcester, and kept the order barring me (Mourad) from entering the U.S. Bankruptcy Courtroom in effect. For background on Judge Rosenthal, click onto Audio of 6/04/04 Hearing (mp3), to see Rosenthal's discriminatory and biased attitude toward me (Mourad).
Overall, Judge Rosenthal clearly covered up for the Jewish takeover Trustee Stephen Grey, Harold Cohen of Beacon Residential, and denied me (Mourad) a fair trial.
Knowing that I (Mourad), was indigent, as declared by Judge Kenner, Judge Rosenthal denied my (Mourad's) request to waive the service and witness fees, and denied me any discovery. Judge Rosenthal deliberately denied me (Mourad) the fee waiver, knowing I (Mourad) could not afford to subpoena all my desired witnesses, and in effect, cut short, and cut off, my (Mourad's) constitutional rights to call and examine witnesses on my behalf.
Judge Rosenthal found that Trustee Grey was not negligent in securing an appraisal for $100,000 for a property that I (Mourad) provided a $5.5 million offer. The Mourad $5.5 million offer was offered as evidence, but Rosenthal did not address it.
Judge Rosenthal did not see a problem with Trustee Stephen Grey stepping into my (Mourad's) shoes, as the owner of the Mandela property, and in applying for a $12 million tax credit, and became a partner with Harold Cohen and moved the money into a shell corporation.
Stephen Grey made a $3 million profit, and now I (Mourad) am faced with my own personal liability for over $800,000 in taxes to the IRS over the tax credits and the sale of the property for which I (Mourad) received not one red cent.
Trustee Grey paid his own attorneys close to a million dollars in fees, and paid himself in excess of one million in fees, yet Grey offered only a $100,000 appraisal for the property. For property Grey had appraised at only $100,000, how can a person like Grey reap over $1 million in fees for himself and close to $1 million in fees for his attorneys?
It is no wonder that Stephen Grey and Chief Judge Carol Kenner both retired at an early age in 2004.
Judge Rosenthal also denied me (Mourad), an indigent, a waiver of the appeal fee that even Judge Kenner had allowed. And, after that denial, I (Mourad), after raising the $300 fee from my family, asked Judge Rosenthal if I could file the appeal late, with the fee paid, but Judge Rosenthal inexplicably denied that as well. Judge Rosenthal did not want his decision to be appealed.
Judge Rosenthal intentionally did not render his ruling in writing, but did so orally from the bench, requiring me (Mourad) to pay for a transcript of that orally dictated decision.
As an indigent, pro se party, I (Mourad) was a victim of biased Jewish judges who should not preside over Arab American cases, when the other sides are wealthy, politically connected corporations. What chance does an Arab American have in the courts against such odds? The answer is NONE. I hope that in the future there will be legislation that will not allow Jewish judges to sit on Arab American cases, considering the conflicts in the Middle East that taints judicial decision-making.

U.S. Tax Court Judge Robert Ruwe heard the IRS tax case against me (Mourad). Judge Ruwe ignored and did not address my (Mourad's) arguments over ownership of the Mandela Development and ignored the tax credit issue. For further information, click onto sub-button "Mourad Appeal Brief" and other sub-buttons on that page.

For background on these three corrupt federal judges, click onto their respective sub-button at

Judge Torruella covered up for Judge Kenner's misconduct by dismissing my (Mourad's) citizen's complaint against Judge Kenner. Then I filed a complaint Judge Torruella. Notwithstanding this pending complaint, Judge Torruella sat on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the appeal of the dismissal of my (Mourad's) malpractice lawsuit of Mourad v. Hanify & King. The case was dismissed on the basis that I (Mourad) had no standing. The panel rejected my (Mourad's) extension request to file for reconsideration when my (Mourad's) attorney withdrew.
Also, Judge Torruella sat on a panel in the case of Mourad v. I.R.S. Torruella witnessed the misrepresentation and fraudulent statements by the I.R.S. attorney and did nothing about it. Torruella denied my (Mourad's) motion for reconsideration, to expose the fraud and perjury.
Judge Torruella should have recused himself from this case. But he was the hit man for the government and made sure he sat on all of my appeals to influence the other judges against me and to make sure I lost all my appeals. Judge Torruella delivered me on a silver platter to the government.

Judge Sandra Lynch was one of the First Circuit Judges that sat on the I.R.S. case against me (Mourad), and, on the transcript of the September 16, 2004 oral argument, Judge Lynch said she would examine the record to determine who applied for the tax credits, but Judge Lynch never carried through on her promise to examine the record and covered up the I.R.S. attorney's fraudulent statement that cost me (Mourad) a $12 million tax credit, and a $3 million dollar profit from the sale of the V&M Management property. If Judge Lynch had looked at the record, she would have had to award me (Mourad) the $12 million tax credit and the other profits Trustee Grey made from the sale.

As the senior federal jurist on that three-judge panel, Judge Coffin failed to ensure that he and his fellow two other judges examined the record to see who got the tax credits and which party should have been liable for the taxes. Without the tax credits, profits or any received monies, I (Mourad) could not be liable for the taxes, but that is what the First Circuit panel ruled. When I appeared before Judge Coffin, he appeared incoherent, and did not remember an earlier ruling dismissing the Hanify & King lawsuit because I had no standing or equity. But, ironically on that date, I am the owner and was assessed taxes on $3 million of profit I never received. One cannot have it both ways. The Court cannot hold me personally responsible for the taxes, and also dismiss the case against Hanify & King and Trustee Grey for negligence.
At least then, I would have won millions of dollars on the lawsuits, and could have paid the taxes with those damages.
The Judges were corrupt in covering up politically for a prominent law firm, Hanify & King, and a prominent Trustee, Stephen Grey, who pocketed millions of dollars.

U.S. Tax Court Judge Joseph Gale put the final nail in my court coffin, on September 17, 2009, by rejecting my challenge to the I.R.S. levy.
The case was tried on May 21, 2007. Judge Gale waited two years and three months to render his decision. During all that time, the case and financial pressures of having enormous tax levies hanging over my head for income I never received caused me considerable stress.
For history on the case, see my July 27, 2009 Motion protesting Judge Gale's failure to render a ruling in over two years.
In his September 17, 2009 decision, Judge Gale affirmed IRS levies against me personally on taxes for 1999 K-1 income never received by me (Mourad), but received by the Bankruptcy Trustee for V&M Management, Inc. When the IRS assessed the 1997 taxes that is the subject of this case, my (Mourad's) tax was $189,745. As of June 30, 2009, that 1997 tax, with interest and penalties, is $434,917.53. When the IRS assessed the 1999 taxes, that tax was $107,502.02. As of June 30, 2009, the IRS has assessed interest and penalties of $264,350.40.

1997 Tax 6/30/09 Assessed
$189,745 Penalties and Interest

1999 Tax
$107,502 $264,350.90

Total $297,147 $699,268.43

To owe over $700,000 in IRS taxes, interest and penalties, on monies or income never received has paralyzed my life. As a taxpayer, no U.S. citizen should have to wait this long for a decision, or for a wrong decision.
These tax liabilities are on a Subchapter S Corporation is for profit that I (Mourad) never received, but that the Bankruptcy Court appointed Trustee for V&M Management, Inc. Stephen S. Gray, received and then sold the property to Beacon Residential Properties, along with the $12 million tax credit, that enabled Beacon Residential to profit from the acquisition, Trustee Gray made $2.7 million profit from the sale. The $12 million tax credits can only be awarded to a ten year property owner, and only my (Mourad's), company V&M Management, Inc., was statutorily qualified, under 26 U.S.C §42, but the Bankruptcy Court allowed the Trustee to transfer the tax credits to Beacon Residential, and not to me (Mourad). Had I (Mourad) properly received the $12 million in tax credits, I could afford to pay the IRS. Rather, Beacon Residential got the $12 million tax credit, and escaped tax liabilities shifted to me (Mourad). That is wrong, unjust and corrupt.

The First Circuit Panel of Judges, Torruella, Lynch, and Coffin, that ruled against Mourad, Mourad v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue, 387 F.2d.27 (1st Cir. 2004), contradicted its earlier 2003 decision in In Re V&M Management, Inc. 321 F.3d.6 (1st Cir. 2003). If I (Mourad) was not an equity owner in the subchapter S V&M Management, Inc., then I (Mourad) could not be assessed these taxes, interest and penalties. The public should be made aware that the same judges are making inconsistent rulings that raises a question of their competency or memories. Maybe there should be a memory test for federal judges.

Judge Gale worked with NY Democratic Senator Moynihan, and he may be biased or conflicted in that I (Mourad) opposed the Democratic Party's gentrification of the Roxbury section of Boston. For more information and background on this history, see Type the link into the browser and go to The Democratic Party button. Also, scroll down the home page of the web site and click on the pictures of the players, Senator John Kerry, Senator Ted Kennedy, former Massachusetts Attorney General Scott Harshbarger, Mayor Thomas Menino, former Mayor Ray Flynn, former Governor Michael Dukakis, and former HUD Secretary Henry Cisneros for more information about each party.
The agenda of The Democratic Party was to oust me (Mourad) from the Mandela Development in order to gentrify the Lower Roxbury area and carry out their plan for urban renewal. These governmental entities have been at odds with me (Mourad) since I (Mourad) supported the incorporation of Lower Roxbury, for it to become its own city, back in 1987, and for re-naming the development "Mandela" with a large 70 foot sign placed upon the building in honor of Nelson Mandela. The plan was to build a new, multicultural community over thirty acres of land that was owned by the Boston Redevelopment Authority and the City of Boston, and to rehabilitate the housing and offer its current residents and other working class poor, the right to much more than affordable housing - them home ownership. This plan was obviously not well received by the governmental entities. Click on Nelson Mandela's picture on Mourad's web site for more information regarding the Mandela Incorporation.
Judge Gale's decision may have been compromised for this reason as well. A Panel of Three Judges (Judge Torruella, Circuit Judge; Judge Lynch, Circuit Judge; and Judge Coffin, Senior Circuit Judge) denied my (Mourad's) Motion on August 10, 2005 FOR RECONSIDERATION AND COVER UP TO PROTECT I.R.S ATTORNEY, TERESA McLAUGHLIN'S FRAUDULENT STATEMENTS. These fraudulent statements cost me $12,000,000 in tax credits that should have been awarded to me, as well as $2,624,554 in capital gains I never received either. The IRS attorney made fraudulent statements to the three Judges. One of them was that Beacon Residential Properties applied for the $12,000,000 tax credit in 1998, when in fact, Trustee Stephen Gray, who was appointed the owner of V&M Management by Bankruptcy Judge Carol J. Kenner, applied for the tax credit and was approved for it in 1997. For Judge Gale to have ruled in my favor, he would have to overturn and uncover the corruption that had taken place by the three other Panel Judges and IRS attorney Teresa McLaughlin, obviously placing him in a biased predicament. For more information regarding the three Panel Judges, go to

My case on YouTube worldwide, where the corruption and injustice of the U.S. Governmental entities and the Jewish takeover (, towards Arab Americans can bee seen. Please visit the following link to see Mourad's video

Judge Gale's September 17, 2009 decision is just the latest in a long line of judicial decisions denying me my rights as a taxpayer and citizen, and why I refuse to participate in jury service.

I cannot ethically serve as a juror in a Massachusetts Courtroom.
Given my experience with corrupt judges, I become physically ill when I enter a Courtroom and see a Judge in black robes.
I have no faith that justice will be impartially dispensed.
As a victim of the corrupt Massachusetts and Federal Court systems, I feel I should be exempt from jury service. I will not go, nor will I serve, as a protest to the system.
As an Arab American protestor, to the U.S. Corrupt government, and the bias and racism toward Middle Easterners in America, my First Amendment rights were violated when I was arrested, my Fourteenth Amendment rights to due process and property were denied when my property was taken away and taken over by the Jewish developers, for $1.
Now I understand the hostility in the Middle East when Israel keeps expanding and takes over Palestine land.
I have also been a victim to the Jewish controlled media in America, for if they had written the truth, the government corruption would have been exposed, and this grave injustice to me would not have happened.
And, this would have prevented corruption to millions of American citizens victimized by the system of corrupt judges.
I am hoping that by this final protest, the American people will take back their courts for the American people and not for the corrupt political powers.
If I am arrested for not appearing in Court for jury duty, I refuse to have a trial in America; I will go on a hunger strike; stop all my medications; die in prison and my instruction will be to have my body cremated, and my ashes sent back home to the Middle East.

Alphonse Mourad

cc: President Barack Hussein Obama
Governor Deval Patrick
Arab American Discrimination Committee
Foreign Press Club